March 10, 2007

I still suprise myself sometimes when I am taken aback by something that was obvious and not at all suprising this thing with Newt Gringrich leading the crusade to impeach Clinton while all the time conducting himself in a way he was condemming Clinton for. That simply is so uncool, and does not at all suprise me or change my view and opinion of old Newt. But for him now to imply that if he cops to being a lying, cheating, imorral scoundrel it will be valuable and place him in the opposite of Clinton instead of inpeachment he will  reap power and control. wow. I don’t get it how can that be ok? To me he either tells the truth and that ends his career in polititcs, and not for what he did but the way he lied and acted on behalf of the American people. Or he does not confess and continues with his other crony’s and continues to be the  ass we all know and hate